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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Sign Up

    1. How do I sign up for SKOOP? ^

    • Visit the sign-up page.

    • Enter all the information requested on the form and select the create my account button.

    • You will receive an activation email to the email address that was used. Once received, follow the instructions in the message to activate your account.

    • After you activate your account, you can use the link inside the email and or visit he SKOOP sign-in page.

    • You can sign in using the email address and password that you submitted during registration process.

  2. 2. How many accounts can I have? ^

    A. Only one account is allowable per person.

  3. 3. Can I sign up without a mobile phone? ^

    A. Yes, you can use any valid phone number to sign up for SKOOP. That phone number is what you will use to sign-in at the register to receive your activated Personal Deals, Digital Coupons.

  4. 4. I can't select the hyperlink in my confirmation email. How do I confirm?^

    A. Some email systems do not allow direct links. You can copy and paste the link into your web browser’s address bar.

  5. 5. I have successfully logged in, but still cannot activate offers.^

    A. Please visit our Support Page and share with us what you are seeing. We’ll investigate the issue you’re experiencing and be in touch with a solution.

  6. Accounts

  7. 6. I forgot my password?^

    A. Please click the "forgot password" link on the sign in page and follow the instructions to reset your password. If that fails to work, visit our Support Page for assistance.

  8. 7. I am unable to log in.^

    A. There may be several reasons causing your difficulty logging in. Please verify have you entered correct email and password. If you cannot recall your password, the password assistance link might be of use. If you just signed up for a new account and cannot access it there is a possibility that the email authentication link needs to be activated. To do so look for a message from message in your registered email inbox. We also have a team available to help. Click Here to go to the SKOOP Support Page for assistance.

  9. 8. While registering, I receive a message stating that I am already registered.^

    A. It is possible that the email or phone number you entered is already in use. Please utilize the “Forgot Password” link to reset the password and gain access. If you are still having issues, please visit the SKOOP Support Page for assistance.

  10. 9. How to update my email address?^

    A. You can update your email address by logging into your SKOOP account and then clicking on the My Account link to get to the Account page. From that page you should be able to update your email address. If you are still having issues, visit our Support Page for assistance.


  12. 1. Can I use my activated offers at any SKOOP?^

    A. Yes, but any price or savings displayed is based on the store you selected. If you are shopping a different location the discount will be the same, but the price will be subject to change based on the location that you are shopping. Usage rules and expiration dates will also apply.

  13. 2. How long are prices valid?^

    A. Personal Deals are updated weekly and valid through their expiration date. They are available for multiple uses, unless there is a shown limit to the amount of time it can be used.

    B. Digital Coupons are released as offers come available. They are valid until they are used or through their expiration date. Digital Coupons are one-time-use only unless listed otherwise.

    C. Sale Prices are valid through their shown expiration date or when the sale event ends.

  14. 3. How often are offers updated?^

    A. New Personal Deals will be available weekly and will generally be released on Friday.

    B. Digital Coupons are released when the offers are available and will constantly change with new offers added often.

    C. Shown Sale Prices are released when your selected store’s sales events start and work on the same schedule as your store’s sale events.

  15. 4. How do I know when my personal deals or digital coupons expire?^

    A. Each personal deal and digital coupon will include an expiration date which is shown at the top of the offer tile or in your SKOOP Activated Offers List.

  16. 5. Can I use a digital coupon on more than one transaction?^

    A. No, digital coupons are one-time-use only.

  17. 6. What if an offer/coupon I activated does not work?^

    A. There could be a number of reasons that an offer/coupon does not work in your transaction.

    - Review offer terms and conditions.

    - Check to see if offer has previously been used or is expired.

    After reviewing if everything matches and the coupon didn’t work then please visit the SKOOP Support Center Support Page for assistance.

  18. 7. What if an item goes on sale for a lower price than my personal offer?^

    A. Your savings will be printed on your receipt at checkout. Previous purchase history is also available in the SKOOP, My Account section under Purchase History.

    In addition, within your personal ad there is a Used/Expired tab which keeps track of your used and expired coupons.

    If you do find a discrepancy, please visit the SKOOP Support Center Support Page for assistance.

  19. 9. How do I see Used/Expired coupons?^

    A. In addition, within your personal ad there is a Used/Expired tab which keeps track of your used and expired coupons.

  20. 10. Can I request additional or different offers?^

    A. This is currently not an option with SKOOP but as you use it you will begin to see more specific items that match with your preferences and purchase history.

    These special offers will be shown as My Personal Deals.

  21. 11. Do the offers expire?^

    A. Yes, most offers expire upon redemption or at a stipulated expiration date. These dates are displayed on each offer tile, on your SKOOP List and in the offer detail information available on each offer by clicking on the item image.

  22. 12. Can my Personal Deal be combined with other offers?^

    A. Yes, think of your personal deals as your exclusive sale prices. As with sale items, we will accept a single manufacturer coupon and or a single SKOOP coupon on any item.

  23. 13. How do I view the coupons that are already activated and ready to use?^

    A. These are shown in your SKOOP Activated Offer List . Once a coupon is redeemed or expired, it will automatically be removed from this list.

  24. 14. Is there a limit to the number of offers I can activate?^

    A. No. There is no limit to the number of offers you can activate.

  25. 15. Do personal deals or digital coupons double?^

    A. No

  26. 16. Can I use PAPER coupons with SKOOP Coupons or Deals.^

    A. In SKOOP, Personal Deals are treated as sale prices and can be matched with valid Manufacturer or SKOOP coupons for dollar off offers as long as they match the item and there are not any other restrictions on the offer or sale price.

    Digital Coupons are treated as coupons and per SKOOP coupon policy only one (1) Manufacturer coupon can be used on a single (1) item. If there is a match that attempts to do more than one coupon on an item, only one (1) will be accepted. (WHICH ONE?)

  27. 17. How quickly is a Personal Deal or Digital Coupon available after I activate it?^

    A. Once you activate a digital coupon it is available for immediate use

  28. 18. Can I "un-activate" a Personal Deal or Digital Coupon? ^

    A. No once an offer has been activated it is valid and available until it is used, or it expires. You do have the option to remove it from your SKOOP Shopping List but the offer is still activated to your account.

  29. 19. Once I use a digital coupon is it available for me to use on another item in a future purchase?^

    A. No unless otherwise stated on the offer digital coupons are single use only.

  30. 20. Once I use a Personal deal is it available for future usage?^

    A. If it is not limited, Personal Deals are available for use until they expire. Expiration dates are listed in the details section of each offer and are also displayed on the SKOOP list.

  31. 21. Are Rain Checks available if an item is out of stock?^

    A. Rain Checks are not available for Personal Deals or Digital Coupon offers.

  32. 22. Are all digital coupon items at all SKOOP stores?^

    A. For the most part yes, but sometimes due to inventory or on specialty items, only certain locations will have a specific item.

  33. 23. I saw a personal deal/digital coupon on a previous visit, and now it is no longer available to activate.^

    A. Some Digital Coupons are only available for a limited time or for a limited number of users. Once those criteria are met, that offer is no longer available for activation. However, if you activate an offer it will be available until it’s expiration date or with Digital Coupons until it is used.

    We recommend activating any digital coupon or Personal Deal of interest when you see it.

  34. SKOOP Lists

  35. 24. What is the difference between the Activated Offers List and the Shopping list?^

    A. In SKOOP there are two lists available to users. The Activated Offers List and the Shopping List.

    The Activated Offers List is a list of Personal Deals & Digital Coupons that have been Activated and are ready for use. Items are automatically added to this list as you select and activate the many deals in your Personal Ad. These items will stay on this list and be available for reference until the offer is used or has expired.

    The Shopping List is intended to be a reference tool for you to use while shopping. You can add Personal Deal, Digital Coupons, Sale Items and even manually entered items on this list for use while shopping. This list can be printed or shared via email, and are also accessible with your phone using the SKOOP Smartphone App. Items added to the Shopping list will remain on the list, until removed by the user and quantity of the items can be adjusted either on the offer tile or on the list itself.

  36. 25. How can I add items not in SKOOP to my Shopping List?^

    A. On the Shopping list select the Add My Own Items link at the top to manually enter things you want to add to your list.

  37. 26. I did not get all my expected discounts from my Shopping List?^

    A. For discounts, be sure to refer to the Activated Offers list not the shopping list. The shopping list is more of a guide to items you want to buy not the discounts that have been activated.

  38. 27. How can I see the SKOOP Lists while I am in store shopping?^

    A. The SKOOP Lists are available on the web as well as inside the SKOOP Smartphone App.


  40. 28. Does the SKOOP program cost anything?^

    A. No, SKOOP is a free service.

  41. 29. Will I be charged by my mobile carrier for use of his program?^

    A. There are no incremental charges from phone carriers, but standard data and text fees may apply with your mobile phone carrier or internet service provider depending on your contract and the terms.

  42. 30. My friend got a specific Personal Deal, and I didn’t get the same one. How do I get the offer my friend received?^

    A. SKOOP delivers offers tailored to your own personal purchases, so not all offers are available to all customers. To receive more offers that are relevant to you, make sure you enter your registered phone number for every purchase.

  43. 31. Can I access SKOOP from my mobile device?^

    A. Yes, SKOOP is available through most current web browsers on mobile phones. For easier access; users can download the SKOOP app from the App Store or Google Play.

  44. 32. If I have an offer on my SKOOP account, can I transfer it to another account?^

    A. No, offers are not transferable and can only be used with the account that they are viewable though.

  45. 33. I receive too many emails already, how do I opt out from SKOOP emails?^

    A. We hope to design our email communications to be of high value to our shoppers, announcing New Ad releases, Personal Deal availability as well as high value and relevant Digital Coupons.

    If you no longer want to receive these periodic updates use the UNSUBSCRIBE link that is located at the bottom of every message. Do note that you still might receive messages for a period of up to a week prior to this taking place in our system. If the messages continue to arrive after that point, please let us know by vesting the SKOOP Support Center Support Page.

  46. 34. I do not want to receive any more Text Messages.^

    A. When signing up for SKOOP you might have opted in to receive periodic text messages and alerts to your mobile number. You can stop these messages at any time by replying to any message with the word STOP.

    If the messages continue to arrive after that point, please let us know by vesting the SKOOP Support Center Support Page.

  47. 35. I did not receive my SKOOP discounts at the register.^

    A. This can happen if a specific item purchased is not the same as the item listed on the coupon, if an offer has expired or if listed purchase requirements are not met. i.e. Must Buy 2, Limit 1…etc.

    Please verify you purchased the exact item, including the appropriate size and correct UPC. If there still is a problem, let us know by visiting our Support Page.

  48. 36. Why does my SKOOP Activated Offers List look different this week? Prices and dates are no longer visible for some items.^

    A. If an item is redeemed, if a coupon expires it will automatically be removed from your Activated Offers list.

  49. 37. How do I print the coupons?^

    A. Your activated Personal Deals and Digital Coupons are all displayed in your SKOOP Activated Offers List. You can email or print this list as well as your shopping list by using the controls at the top of the list.

    For mobile phone users, there is also a SKOOP List quick access button available inside the SKOOP App for extra convenience.

  50. 38. When signing up I get an error message that says, "account with this email already exists".^

    This means that the email address or phone number you are trying tot use has already been registered. There are a number of ways that can happen and we are here to help. Please contact us by visiting our Support Page.

    If you have already registered but still cannot access your SKOOP account, please try using the password recovery link on the log in page or visit our Support Page for assistance.

  51. 39. Will my account be linked to other members of my household?^

    A. No, each phone number is unique and cannot be linked to another account.

  52. 40. If I return an items I purchased with a digital coupon am I able to use that coupon on a future transaction?^

    A. No, digital coupons are one-time-use only. Once they are used, they are no longer available, even after a return or refund.

  53. 41. Can I use the SKOOP Purchase history for an item return and refund.^

    A. At this time, we are unable to do returns or refunds using the Purchase History from SKOOP. For those you will need to use your physical transaction receipt.